Opposing Opinions - The Argucentre of the Universe

Jonathan and I have teamed up to give a brand new blog. One that we both suggest concepts to, and then argue over. Basically, bringing together two things we are normally pretty adept at - being stubborn, and quite rantable. To this end, we present the first Opinion Battle. Head on over, bookmark it, and enjoy it.

The important thing is that you argue back too. We are looking for more Bloggers to join the cohorts, so if we fancy you, you can leave your argued comments and join in the debate (flame war).

Check it out at Opposing Opinions

On an unrelated, more self promoting, note you can now listen to my own Radio Station, Crashing Insanity Radio, via through the new Last.fm link on the right: ->

The new box plays a selection of music based on my own personal choices, and you can listen to it and let me know what you think of the rather eclectic selection of music that it throws out.

I am listening to Beck at the moment, a fantastic album. Doo doo doo...