Insanity Crash: The Social Network Revolution - Do I Care?

Do you have a Facebook? Do you have a Myspace? Do you have a Bebo? Or a Faceparty? I ask you one question:


I know that this might seem hypocritical, seeing as this very blog had it's rather humble beginnings back there, but recently I have been wondering why on earth I have these things? I don't read peoples profiles enough to make it worthwhile, hardly anyone contacts me, and I don't post anything there anymore, with this being my main outlet for emotions. Also, the idea of people able to check up on you and what you are doing is pretty freaky.

Facebook is something I can't get. This worries me a lot, as I have a feeling that if I don't get started on it now, I will miss this generations big thing - kinda like people a few years older than me find with computer games. I understand how they work, but I am becoming more and more annoyed when things don't work the way I expect them to. Facebook is so bland, and so simple looking, that it almost feels like every time I go to it it is patronising me in some kind of way, almost embarrassingly so. I have one, but for love nor money can I find out how to add friends, or even use the bloody search thing.

Bebo is a Happy middle ground for me, and I can see why it is so successful, but again I hate using it. For a while it was fun, but now it is boring and useless. I am considering deleting my account as I don't use it nor do I ever post anything onto it. I spent a few minutes last week creating a version of the style and logo of this blog to transfer over to it, and it looks good - my profile pic has found its way onto a few profiles I see, and I made it as a throw away sentence as a kind of fuck you to Bebo really. It is simpler than Facebook, but more customisable. Every page has a generic look, but can be styled rather well.

Which brings me onto Myspace, which I hate with a passion. I hate the HTML that these kids use. I hate the silly "Extended Network" shite that makes no sense, and I hate the way that everyone who "creates" their own profile with images nicked from Google and pretends that they are as original as each other. The fact that you have used CTRL+C/Ved HTML to make your "page" is abysmal. It leaves horrendous repeated backgrounds, awful colour and contrast ratios, and it lacks any sense of individuality. I understand the Music part of it, but that is what band's own sites are for - there is no need to have two.

I can see why they are successful - it is the same reason Email and Text are. Easy, instant, up to date access and information is what we need, but I dnt think that having photos of your nights out, and "OMG wnt out wiv lst nite, nd thy pure got up 2 sum well wikd
I have an idea for a worthwhile social network - it is called "Real Life (TM)", and it too is free. The interesting thing is, my friend list is partly made of people who are really my mates anyway. They all know they are my nearest and dearest, why does a list make it any more worthwhile?

From the 1st January 2008 my New Years Resolution is to delete ALL my Social Network presence. I have had enough of the way they work. I feel I can do my self more justice from my own soapbox here, where I can claim most, if not all, of the credit/blame.