In The Middle of the North Sea Pt. 3

The Reprobate Level

As I have found, working amongst true working class member of our species is something I have never encounter before. Sure, I work, but I regard my self as middle class - my family had a car, a good house, and we went on holiday to places outside of Britain. So, this leads me to a culture clash of sorts, or there abouts, with the men who swear more than they use syllables. One such creature is in the office where I have created a simple desk by moving the fax and the copier, and stealing a broken chair.

He swears all the time, with sentences consisting of "Fuck", "Fucking", and "Cunt", with a few other words like "The", "Daft" and "Wee Prick" appearing as well. But today he sank to a new low...

He has seemingly just found the internet. So today I was bombarded with Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Numa Numa, and the Stare at this picture till it scares you ("Oh ya fucking daft prick, that was minted"). The internet meme has been around for years, and I remember when Peanut Butter Jelly Time was okay to watch - now it is just so 2003.

However, today was not only mixed up with making notes in my pocket notebook for this blog, as we were hit with force 10 gales today, meaning the Rig was shifting about like a buckaroo set on top of a washing machine on full spin. The juddering at first was slight, but we moved a whole foot or so every few minutes in the afternoon, causing me to ask on member of the team "Is this bad?"

"Nah, I worked in the Northern Sector, and one day we were hit by a 100ft (!!!) wave, and it moved the whole steel jacket about 4 inches. The rest of the platform had to adjust it self."

Gulp. It also means no flights out, so a bunch of grumpy riggers to be sure. I can imagine (and would bet on it) that next Thursday is the same.

I shall now pass on my luck (what ever that means. Basically I am saying "Do Well") to my fellow compatriots who are stuck doing exams whilst I earn a living. Much pity, and love, but mostly pity.