Insanity Crash - The Mass Effect

I remember a time when games were innocent and fre from dirty images of men illing them selves. Or do I? IN the folowing clip a woman towards the end brings up the fact that you don't see games like Pac-man anymore, but I contest that you do, of course, as Pac-man is the most bled dry game franchise in a long time, but also even then you got horrible violent games like Smash TV and Due Nukem. But my rant is not about that, it is about Mass Effect.

Watch the clip, and tell me this is not Daily Mail style sensationlism. I'll explore the points in the video. The first is the obvious "full nuduty" and "sex" which appear. Ummmm... no. No full nudity, no full sex, and as Jeff Keighly points out, the game does not just as you "U WANT P0RN? YES/NO" you have to create a relationship with ht echaracter. Also, the woman who laughs at even thining about playing a game points out that it is a "man seeking out woman" before being told that you, the protaginist in this space RPG, can choose to be a Woman character, where you can change many of the features of her persona. Whoops.

The best part about the clip is the panel of "opinions" you have never played a game in years, and probably have nanny's to look after thier children (I now that is speculation, but hey, if the real media can use non-facts to mae a story, I am allowed some simple artistic license). One says "there is no way Mass Effectwill be in my house", but before says his daughter was playing "Pony Princesses" which maes me thin that she might not be the targetted audience, and also not the correct age. As mentioned, the game is M for mature - a child who enjoys "games" where Ponies are rode by princesses a full 30 hour long space ROG is not going to ticel her fancy to be honest.

This is a hot topic, especially with Grand Theft Auto IV around the corner. Wait until the games companies are hit with "VIOLENCE FOR REAL" and "EASTERN EUROPEANS BOYCOTT GAME" and other such headlines. The main character in the new game is russi I believe. I suppose in the world where media based soley on telling us news, and commerical news stations at that, they must mae the news, and computer games gets viewers (I have posted a clip to this haven't I, and I am talking about it) and sensationalism also gets readers (Daily Mail par example). The media needs to realise something.

Computer games are here, they are real, and they are now as important as movies, and parents should not buy their child an 18 or a 15 rated game. For shame if you do, just don't complain about the violence within them.

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