Insanity Crash/Muchness Dump - Albums from the past – With Retrospective, comes perspective.

Albums from the past – With Retrospective, comes perspective.

In the past I have tried to editorialise my musical tastes with trips into seriousness, walks down ranting avenue and a best of 2007 type thing that really missed the mark in terms of what I was trying to say rather than what I did in fact say. But, I have decided to be rather original and review albums that not only I have listened to to death, but after a gap of a few years and go back to them. The albums are from superstars and non events, bands who made it and those who failed and this will be a series that I hope will last longer than most of my other attempts, ie more than one entry.

The first is an album we all know from a band who are probably one of the biggest of our generation – Coldplay’s Parachutes. I stumbled into this album and band very early on by way of my father and Jonny Walker on Radio 2. I was handed the album Christmas 2001 and I was not aware of them in anyway other than being told by the adverts that it was the “Album of Year” and other such PR things that really did make me slightly aware, but what was to follow was an album that I was to become to love and only recently has been replaced in my top albums (and my top album of all time). They exploded into the biggest band in the world for a while and I saw them live…

…Fast forward seven years and I have changed a lot. I am no longer the inexperienced muso, I have a taste that is no longer defined either by adverts, parents and what my mates are into but that is intended as in no way to diminish the success that those three factors have had in giving me my taste right now – but I don’t depend on it any more. I like much more extravagant bands, like Godspeed and Mars Volta, but also love simple pop songs like The Beatles, The Smiths and even Girls Aloud. I am no longer shamed into haing pop – I can spot a good melody a mile away, especially in this age of almost no melody in music.

So, Parachutes then. What is it like now I have changed my taste? Well, my favourite song on the album is different from the start. The lovely acoustic guitar I enjoy much more after it died a death – the new Acoustic movement, with Elbow and Turin Brakes has died as Emo and Metal became more par for the course, but I will always love these bands. High Speed, a non single, is expansive and large, and much more the type of track I like now. Even Trouble, the staple Coldplay song, which is still my favourite song of all time (one for my Bebo quizzes that one) because of what it means to me and the time it became so meaningful are defined by it. Still, today, it gives me those pangs of memory that Snow Patrol did for me (the spark that led to this series of posts).

In effect, this album is great. It lays out a manifesto and is much more charming to hear a band who are now huge before they had even thought of Hollywood wives, massive arena gigs and children called Moses and Apple. It is a great little short album, and if you have not listened to it in years give it a go. I think you might be smiling whilst listening to it…