1 Year - The Tale of Rock Steady 11: The Famous Two

365 Days, or there about, and whoosh, a year is passed. It is quite funny to think that a year ago I, on a whim, decided to start writing to this blog. I have no idea where the name came from, or even what I planned to write on it, but Rock Steady sorted all that out. I have no idea how many people read this, or anyone who reads it enjoys it, but all I really want it to enjoy writing it, and I do. So, a few days ago I asked the few that read this to let me know what posts they have enjoyed while reading the blog. I said I would do a sort of commentary about it, but when I tried to I got sucked into reading every post I did, and think it is almost like a diary. A few of the posts I remember writing and could almost tell you what I had written of by heart, but a few I surprised by. So, what will I write about? How about a Tale of Rock Steady?

The Tale of Rock Steady 11: The Famous Two

When trying to find something to talk to about people who are far more removed from anyone I have worked with, the tales that I wrote about last year whilst I worked for Rock Steady are always good ice breakers, and also I can get some nice raport with a football fan when I start talking about the players I have met, and the stadiums I have worked in. Also, mentioning that I worked at Murrayfield has helped me get some success with English and Welsh members of the team. It is a good thing to have in the locker.

Retreading old stories have helped me hone my story telling skills, but one story I have told to a few while ambling through my mind is one that I never wrote on this blog, for reasons that I cannot remember or rhyme.

It takes place during a football match between Rangers and someone, the other team's name I can't recall. In various versions of the story I replace the unknown team with Falkirk or Motherwell, a team that not only is normally neutral, but rarely is there anyone who can put holes into the story. Does this make me a bad person? I am working the hospitality area and within a few minutes of standing around doing nothing I am shoved into a lift.

The lift is the small one, and is in the centre of the stadium. Fans call it the David Murray lift. It has already featured in a post, with the one where I devilshly mess about with the code that has to be entered in to start it working. On this very day I am sitting on the top floor of the stand, at the Club Deck. This lift is for hospitality memebers to use, and not normally for fans. Hence the code entering.

But for some reason, these two men in their suits call the lift. Either they get lucky or they knew the code. The doors open and I am powerless to stop them from getting into the lift. I suppose once you are past the physcial barrier of a few inches of steel, using words and politeness to stave off the persons is a bit silly.

They ask to go to the bottom floor, which is the dressing room area. Who am I to question it? They knew the code and the also knew the floor the dressing room was on, so why not let them go? We trundle down the lift shaft, with the two suits continuing their conversation from before the go into the lift. I only remember on phrase from their conversation "I can't believe we managed it."

Suspicions are rising with every breath they take. Should I ask them?

So, the doors open as the lift reaches the bottom. I let them out and my supervisor is stadning there. She smiles at the suits, and then walks into the lift.

"Who were they?"
"Eh, I don't know" I reply.
"Did you not check who they were?"
"I didn't, they knew the code to get in."
"Hmmm" she wonders. I am getting more and more worried by the second. "Let me find out who they are."

Minutes later she returns.

"I know who they were." she says.
I breathe a sigh of relief, "Who were they?"
"Alan McGregor and Alex Rae" she explains.
"Ah" I say. "Who?" I think. I recognise the names but I can't for the life of me remember who they work for. I am racking my brains - were they on the list I was given? Should I know them from the brief?

"They play for Rangers" she confirms, smiling, walking away.

So they were nobodies then.