Announcement: Sleepwalk Capsules

I mentioned in my last post that I was enjoying writing these posts so much that you were to expect more later this week. It turns out that not only was I enjoying them, they had given a close friend a spark as well and over the last few days we have contrived an idea that will be an interesting experience. Without further ado we give you Sleepwalk Capsules – a blog that Colin and myself will write in tandem, away from this blog, which is solely about music. The name comes from one of the best At The Drive-in songs, one our mutually favourite bands’ songs, and it also kind of means something, and let me see if I can justify properly;

I feel that we are sleepwalking through life, listening to our music on headphones, ignoring the noises and majesty of the real. We, inside those earbuds and iPods, have our whole music collection and our collection is with us always.

Does that make sense? Probably not to be honest.

The idea is that each day we try to post something loosely linked to a topic, and the manifesto is something like this:
Monday is review day, either an old album that is new to you or a new album that is old to everyone else. I think this might be my remit, as Colin seems to think I am a better writer. I don’t know about that…
Wednesday is the discovery day, where we describe a band that we think you should be listening to. I am going to try and be as hip and cool as they come by recommending some bands that only have Myspace tracks which might be tricky without access at work…
Friday (today) is the Retrospective day, when we bleat about albums or bands or even gigs from yesteryear, and get you interested in them. My music week so far on this blog has been mostly about this and the third in the trilogy is due later on today – something about Pulp’s Different Class..

Check it out.