Insanity Crash Dreams: FAX

I have some of the most trippy dreams I know of. I rarely have anything worthwhile talking about these days, so I thought it would be funny (and informative if you are a dream reader) that I should talk about a recent dream I had.

This one was particularly mental. I was in the office, at work, just sitting at my computer. There was no screen, but I was still typing in and checking to if it spelled everything correctly. The letters were forming mid air above the keyboard, that had not appeared yet. I sometimes have dremas like computer games that have scratched discs, where something that I know and think to be there don’t actually exist, like the engine has not loaded it yet. Everytime this happens I expect a loading bar or an hourglass while my imagination creates on out of nothing.

So, I am working, but what on I can’t make out. The text is blurred and it feels like I am typing hundreds of words a second but not really thinking about.

I suddenly stop, and go to print this document. The paper appears out of the printer which is attached to the desk, like it was always there, and I pick it up. It now reads “Eurostar” in massive bold letters, and I say to my colleague, who I am now standing next to whilst at the printer (notice that now I have jumped to being at the printer, no longer at my desk – that loading problem again) “Better file this” and head over to a persons desk. They have no face – or at least it isn’t loaded yet. I hand them the paper, upon which they grab it and it vanishes.

They tell me that they travel each day up and down to work on the Eurostar, and I start to read what their screen says (oh yeah, they have a screen and again we are suddenly at his desk. When I said we were heading over to his desk we were walking along a country lane outside).

They have the Wood Group timesheet system up and he has inputted 300 hours a day for a week, with 43 minutes of overtime. He turns to me and says “Whatchawhatchawhatchawant” in the style of Beastie Boys, and I reply by throwing a fax machine at a brick wall, outside in the car park.

At this point I start to wake up, hearing my alarm on my phone in the distance, and the last thought I have on this dream is a Guitar talking to me. It is saying the riff from Layla.

And I wake up. This is typical of the dreams I have.