Insanity Crash: I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Baa Di.

Before you read this, open this video in a background window. Now listen to this will reading it.

If you have ever seen the episode of the Office that David Brent invites the training team into the office, you might have a good idea of how training goes in an office environment. This week I was sent to a training course of Health and Safety Awareness and Culture, which has something to do with safety in the office and on the platforms. You can understand why they want to promote such a thing after spending a few days getting sunk in a helicopter.

With these courses come the preaching about personality, soft skills, transferable skills and the like, and I think my versing in these bullshit phrases helped me get a good job here at Wood Group knowing what some HR person wants me to say about my personal development and skill tool box and all that rubbish. Not really believing it, my Oscar must be in the post for some performances. The problem I do have is when these trainers have ideas above their station, and when they start preaching faux psychology. Like the Colour Wheel.

Apparently I am blue. There are three other colours and these correspond to you on a good day (I am logical, introverted and specific) and a bad day (irritable, silent and don’t easily agree). Now, I am probably this in some cases, but how the jumping-Christ does this give the woman who is taking the course to pretend as if she can predict our behaviour? Another member of the team was yellow – my exact opposite, and according to the wheel we should find it hard to communicate – where as the opposite is the case. This is proof it is nonsense.

I suppose I shouldn’t be taking it seriously, after all it is only a silly training course. But when someone on the course seems to make assumptions based on this murky and pretty immature thinking, you can only get a little annoyed. I am keeping quiet on this one, it is making irritable. No way am I agreeing with this.

Are you as depressed as I was? Defintely blue now.