Insanity Crash: Try This at Home – Wikipedia Albums

There is this new game that is doing rounds and all the cool kids are doing it – Wikipedia Albums. Way it works is this: You go to Wikipedia and click on the Random Article button. The first article title (no matter what it is) is your band name. Click on it again and the second result (again, no matter what it is) is you album title. Now click again ten times to get your album tracklisting. I have played this a few too many times over the last few days, but here is one I have done exclusivley for you.

Band Name: Share the Land
Album: Halo Orbit
1. Glamorama
2. Lino Graglia
3. Cotyloscia
4. Long Live the League
5. Overcoming Law
6. List of state leaders in 975
7. Walter Motz
8. Arid
9. Transrealism
10. List of Alaska state forests

I think Long Live the League went to number 1.