Insanity Crash - Muxtape

Recently I have been struggling to write stuff for this bog, and that might have been noticed by those who check semi-regularly for posts. I have been busy working during the day and at night been busy doing other things, and also because I have found little to talk about these days on here, but slowly I am writing a bunch of posts that will debut here next week probably that should be back to what I expect to be able to write.

To satisfy my own curiosity I have done this: My Own Muxtape.

What is Muxtape? It is a site that from within a very easy to use interface you can create playlists (or mixtapes) and this allows me to upload 10 songs that I am listening to in an order that I think is fine. It is my intention to try and keep this up to date each week or so, so this is the first one. One here you will find some 65daysofstatic, Weezer, Whitest Boy Alive, Christopher O'Riley playing Radiohead plus many others. Let me know what you think.

Also, the posts have dried up on Sleepwalk Capsules for the same reason (and Colin is busy with his new site). I intend to keep both of these up to date over the next few weeks.

Also, for real this time, I have approached an actual website/ezine for Music reviews with my first provided copies of new albums coming to me in the post soon. I'll update you guys on that closer to the time.