Insanity Crash: Not Really

Alas, it was all make believe, and make believe I did! For the first time in years an April Fools that I planned a few weeks in advance worked better than I thought it could, and I am very glad it did, for it could have been the crappiest post I have place upon this blog. The plan was simple: Make you guys think that I had been offered the exact offer I would leap at - and the ease at which some (naming no names) not only strokes my ego when it comes to April Fooling, but also reasserts that my writing on this thing is slightly above par from what I used to be able to write. The next best thing would have been a reverse April Fool where I pretend to be the HarperCollins “Karl” to one of my other bloggers, but I might save that for another time.

April Fools has always been a bit of a hollow “holiday” and doesn’t fit in well to normal life as it is the only day in the calendar where we truly question the authenticity of news stories when really we should always do that, but I am going to leave that rant for the only part of my April Fools post that was true – my new series, What is Wrong with the World: How to Fix it. Instead I am going to count down my top 5 actual April Fools.

5. The Great Comic Book Swap 2008
According to Wikipedia this happened in real life and involved tens of writers and artist when they all, on the 1st of April, drew each others cartoons. Yesterday, it happened again, but on a much smaller scale and a much smaller viewership. Also, in a much geekier way. My favourite Webcomic, XKCD is something I read generally everyday, and also, find some of the funniest and most thought provoking comics in a long time, and the others (Questionable Content and Qwantz) are both ones that I read (Qwantz (Dinosaur Comics) was particularly funny in the beginning) but have stop reading recently. Yesterday, their URLs were changed, so that in a big circle they all pointed to somewhere else. In a big bunch of fun, it should have been more webcomics but you can only get so many people to agree to it.

4. Flying Penguins
This is the only one that I fell for yesterday, only because I turned on BBC News during the footage and saw them flying. It looked real and was well done – but what made it fake was the story that followed it – the rather stupid, and downright non-subtle, “Dog Ice-skating” that appeared in the Daily Mirror. I was fooled.

3. Christian Bale and Brandon Routh sign for Justice League
Oh Cinematical, you sly dogs! Preying at fanboys for the Justice League movie in a very good April Fool to the point of which where I never thought it was true, but I wish it was. *sigh*

2. gDay - Google Search Tomorrow – Google Australia
This is a clever one. Google have been known for excellent pranks, and this year seems to have had each country trying to out do each other with Australia really coming close. This, a new feature, shows how Google can search the internet “one day in advance” showing that it knows what is going to uploaded tomorrow. Very clever, and, in true Google style, not without humour, as searching for “footy scores” as the example is both clever and again I wish it were possible. *sigh*

1. Virgle
This takes the biscuit, and is probably one of the best pranks in a long long time. Amazingly well orchestrated, Google have teamed up with Virgin for this, their pioneering 100 year plan to have a city on Mars. It is amazing, and the fact that Virgin (and indeed Richard Branson) were so up for the idea is extremely humbling. I know they did it because of the Virgin Galactic stuff that they are pushing for a few years, but the satire here is sharper than a pin, especially the Youtube video, the questionnaire and the depths you have to go to get the “It’s an April Fool” line is great. *sigh*

Honourable mention goes to Youtube who made every featured video yesterday a Rickroll.