What is Wrong With The World: Turning Cash into Water, not Water into Wine.

Hazel likes her body care and make-up products and can be conned into buying anything. This weekend however I came across one of the most incredible things that I have ever seen: Hazel has a can of water. A can of water, that has been pressurised, and then fitted inside an aerosol can and fitted with a misting nozzle. Why does she have such a thing? It is designed to “hydrate” and “cleanse” the skin via a spray on of water. Now, I admit at this point that yeah, sure, it does hydrate and it feels very nice on the skin – obviously the very fine misting nozzle is quite the gimmick, but when I was playing with it spraying it onto my face rather liberally, she exclaimed “Don’t waste it! It is expensive!”

So, in true male fashion, I stopped, stared at the can, then at Hazel, and burst out laughing. I asked “What?” being so bemused that a can of pressurised water can be classified as “expensive” by anyone is amazing, but that is not the incredible thing – it actually is expensive, coming in at a total of £4.00approx.

Now, however came up with this is a freaking genius. The cost in getting water (and it is water, purified slightly, but on the ingredients it is just “water”) and popping it under slight pressure is a great idea. Also listed on the extensive ingredients is “Nitrogen” which, as some of the chemists may know, does nothing for your skin and in actuality can’t do a single thing what so ever to anything, being inert and all. I assume it is there for the pressure displacement.

I have two points for this rather amazing product that colour me incredulous the more I think about it.
1 – You could do the same thing with a watering can and skoosher from the garden centre. The misting nozzle might not be as fine and the nitrogen might not be as cleansing, but I can guarantee that I remember doing this when I was a child in the garden during some makeshift water fights.
2 – For the 250ml bottle at £4.00approx, we get a whopping £16.00 a litre. This is more than petrol (at £1.08 a litre) and petrol doesn’t fall from the sky for free! Why spend it? In fact, water from a tap is approximately 0.08p a litre. Notice, that is 0.08 pence a litre, not £0.08. So for a litre of water out the tap compared to a litre of this rehydrating cleansing water, Hazel is paying 5000 (five thousand) time the price it cost to come out of the tap. Or ∞ (infinite) times more than if it was to come out of the sky.

Selling sand to the Arabs? What about selling clean water to the Scots?

Petrol finder thing, but we all know the price, it being so high and all.
Price of water from tap. Wow, it is cheap.
Freshwater. Wikipedia states (without source mind) that Loch Ness has more freshwater than England and Wales put together.