The Holiday 2008 (Part 2) - I Like it Cool, but not Freezing.

As I have mentioned in the past I am not exactly cut out for the extreme heat of anything other than winter. In the Spring I like not wearing a jacket but remove my jumper and I feel naked. Give me a couple of degrees above ambient and the factor 50 needs to be brought out before I die of horrendous third degree burns to the everywhere. I might be exaggerating that though – I do go brown, but only on my arms and legs, as anywhere else is redder than a Barry Ferguson carding in an old firm match within a couple of hours.

A good example of this is the day that I went to the beach. I was wearing my short shorts, pink flowery and quite dated, and they only cover about half of my thigh, and as there is little to no where to hide on a beach from the UV bombardment, I have no choice but to lather up. So when we hired a pedalo (which according to Microsoft Word is a word that doesn’t exist) I had to lather up good a proper, and I did.

Well, I though I did. I jumped into the deep blue clear water from the boat and clambered back in, inadvertently rubbing all the sun cream from by milky thighs, exposing them for the pasty white targets they are. Forgetting this, I neglected them, only to be reminded when having a shower later than night that the sun is my nemesis and I had chanced my luck.

There are something’s I do like hot. My tea, my heating, and my showers, which I have scalding to wake me up. So imagine my displeasure that the one day Susan and Graeme had decided to pop along to our hotel to use our facilities instead of their own is the only day that our hot water is turned off. After running the showers for a short period of time and using up all the water, we gave up. How were we going to wash? Especially Graeme, who had, against all better judgment, decided to run the 2km down a pretty steep hill without thinking of how he was going to get back up in 30degree heat/

So, I suggested, a Jacuzzi. Oh yeah, the high flying Engineer has a Jacuzzi in his room now. So, filling the Jacuzzi with water seemed a good idea until I remembered the Jacuzzi has a shower head. It was great fun showering in a bath, on my back, in freezing water, while Susan, Graeme and Hazel all sit there on the bed taking pictures of us looking like a bunch of idiots washing in a Jacuzzi.

Luckily, I pulled it around later in the week when Graeme and I had a proper warm Jacuzzi togehter and added the luxurious bubbles of my shower gel, and later, Graeme’s shaving foam, thanks to a suitably jealous and laughing Susan, spraying me with cool minty Gillette.