Insanity Crash: I'm Ready for my close up Mr Google.

I think I had my photo taken today. I was quietly eating my horrible Burger King Chicken Royale (I have to cheer myself up seeing as I can barely walk, another footballing injury) and I saw a black Astra drive past into the near by industrial estate. No, the driver was not holding a camera at me through the window, but on top of his car was a 5 foot black pole, with four cameras pointing from the four compass points.

It was a Google Car.

Google are driving around the UK right now taking photos of every street so that they can add them to their Street View Google mapping service. We all know the buzz of going onto Google Earth and zooming around the world… but imagine that instead of just looking down from the head god like heights of the sky you can drop in a street level and look at houses. And cars. And, obviously, people.

I can understand why this might be alarming. Indeed, it gave me the creeps seeing the stealth like black car drive about, no one else but me paying attention to it and going “LOOK IT IS A GOOGLE CAR!”. Kinda creepy.

I have heard many talks and read a few pieces about it (the best being The Register’s map of sightings, like an X Files UFO map) and some say it is an invasion of privacy. Google’s response is to blur people faces and license plates. Some have said that it is against the law to take photos of things without permission.

Here is my thoughts: We get our photo taken all the time by CCTV and Surveillance cameras, so that should not be that new a sensation – it is unsettling to think that we can now search for them and anyone can now look at your house… from anywhere in the world.

I think that it is not so bad a thing. If I want to see something I can go there and see it and no one can stop me, so why can’t I just virtually go and see it on Street View? Amounts to the same thing I think.

The Register’s Map

The Guardian reporting on the fact it has been approved for the UK

The link. No UK cities yet though…
Look out for me. If I appear in it I’ll post it.