In the middle of the North Sea Pt 7

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Hello. I am in the middle of the North Sea. Well, slightly left of where I was last time, but I think that still counts as the middle. Been working for a day and a half now and I am already bored out of my head, so I started thinking about things to write about, but sometimes these posts write themselves.

- MUSIC is much of the derision when offshore with endless repeats of radio stations that are commercial bound to play 6 tracks each hour and have one other track space for some Dire Straits. This time however no Radio Gold shite, but Radio 1 and Radio 2, which I much more approve of. Infact, I have just heard the new Keane track and the new Automatic track, which really excited me both ways. Others in the room were not too fussed.

"Is that those fucking poofters Keane?" says an inbred reprobate. Minutes later "That's pretty good, who is that?" It's the same song, and the question was asked by the same guy.
"Why are they signing about a dead bloke" says another class act about the new Automatic tune "Steve McQueen" which is really good and a lot like yourcodenameis:milo which is no bad thing. I think, good question, listen harder to the lyrics, until some pipes up "Nah, Steve Mcqueen, does he no play for Inverness Caley?" Groan.

More to follow I can only imagine.