In the middle of the North Sea Pt 8

Tourism: Would you?

In a rather interesting discussion about the future of the oil fields and the proposed future of these oil platforms that we, the unwashed oil workers, scale day in day out my colleague came up with a rather startling idea, and one that not only had I not thought of before, but also was surprised to not have heard it flown before.

So, imagine, in 15 years time, when the oil is gone and the workers have died/retired/moved to china/Arabia, the big companies and the small companies will have a choice. Sell the scrap, blow them up, or turn them into offshore wind farms. Or, as it was put to me today, how about a hotel? No, not like the Christopher brookmyre novel, One Fine Day In The Middle of the Night, where such a thing takes place but with the added bonus of terrorist, but as a day trip type thing where people can come out and have a look around and see what it was like to work out here.

They will see the oil deck, the pumps, the pipework, the heights, the living conditions, and take part in a muster drill. They will be taught about Piper Alpha and the changes made, and most interestingly they will get a chance to taste total seclusion.

Imagine it as the mine heritage parks of the future. Would you come out to see them? Imagine I paid for you to see them, would you do it for free?

In other news I counted the steps from level one of the platform to the roof of the plant I am working on - 139 steps. That's 12 floors or a high rise building. Now you can see why this is the only place that I can loose weight.