Insanity Crash: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Da Do! Auberge...

There are staple things from my childhood that have shaped me to the way I am now, and these are the following, in no particular order:

- Lego which fuelled my imagination and my technical brain
- Sonic the Hedgehog which gave me my love of computer games
- Playing football every night for 2 years solid which gave me a better footballing brain
- Chris Rea, pumped into the car at every opportunity by my Dad, which probably gave me my love for guitar music.

This morning whilst driving into work I had to stop and fill the car up with petrol in a rather worrying and expensive cyclical routine of design things to extract out of the ground my motors life blood before burning it into water and carbon dioxide. After 8pm Chris Moyles played the newest track from McFly, the little pop wonders gone indie with their latest album releasing it themselves. Whilst listen to Lies I was thinking “Where have I heard this before?”

Well, towards the end, Chris Moyles started to sing “Auberge” which caught me out – could it be? Yes it was! They were talking about a little known Chris Rea track from yesteryear which uncannily sounds like the McFly tune.

The chorus and verse are almost identical in chord progression and rhythm. And it reminded me of something that I always forget: Chris Rea is not that unknown, even though I have only heard it centred on my dad either playing it or requesting it to be played. It is a source of fun for my sister and I, who would point out every time we heard a Chris Rea song on the radio, in a shop, or on TV. I like to think of Chris Rea as my families “thing” and it always makes me smile hearing him played on the radio.

It only gets boring at Christmas when that Chris Rea song is played… (note: this video was uploaded by my Father.)