Ever felt like you could write a sitcom?

I have. I watched with mirth and disgust at 2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, a stunned silence at Lab Rats, and with venomous swearing and shaking of my head, at the latest piece of trash, the Katy Brand Show. Have you ever seen this “new” comedy show? I caught a bit of it last week whilst waiting for the latest and worst episode of Jonathan Ross a few weeks ago. It consisted of terrible impressions of celebrities (one, I assume of Lily Allen, was such a great impression that even the people making the show might have been a bit confused at exactly who was being sent-up) and horribly un funny and quite missing the mark sketches that might have been funny in the hands of anyone else.

An example of one such sketch was a new couple and their unborn child being given into the hands of a neighbour, who repeatedly said “I am not very good with kids!” and promptly decided to microwave said new born child as the parents watched in horror.

A second example was less shocking but even worse. The main actress is sitting in a school classroom on the desk in Nu-Rave style clothing. A friend walks in, covered in spots, and acts stupid for a few minutes. Then a geek, signified by glasses, school uniform and some school books, walks in proclaiming to have had sex at the weekend. It transpires that it was only a hand job and that the guy used her. This was as funny as having to sleep in a bath of landmines.

This show made me want to kill my fellow man. It made me very angry at the money people get for this kind of show that stupid executives in a room probably think is daring enough to be funny when it doesn’t need to be daring to be funny.

The only shining beacon in this pile of trash is a show on BBC3. BBC3, normally the bastion of trashy telly, the BBCs runt little brother, designed to be YOOF telly, with shows about celebrities, sex and drugs, music shows and quirky online interactions, has served up a nice little comedy that I have enjoyed very much.

How Not To Live Your Life is made, quite surprisingly, by BBC Scotland. This was revealed in an episode where they were in Glasgow – odd for a show set in Lahndahn. Basically it follows Dom as he tries to bed his new housemate, Abby. That is it. The quirks are the characters – the servant, Eddy, who acts a little too weird for comfort, Carl, the boyfriend of Abby and that is it really. It is character based comedy with some very nice plays on language and quick comedy – it uses the absurdist comedy of Monty Python too in the varying “choices” Dom has in situations.

I like it very much. Not just another sketch show. Not just another sit-com. It is simple, funny, and clever. That is all any Sitcom needs to be, and anyone who thinks different is wrong, an idiot, and should be killed.