Insanity Crash: Where for art thou Sonic 3?

One afternoon in those sunny days back in my childhood, I asked my Mum and Dad if I could invite friends back to the house for lunch at lunch time, with it being so close to the school. In first and second year, a rota would have to be drawn up, as our other destination, McCormick's, was sometimes occupied by his mum (which meant we would get into trouble for being too loud) or his brother (who has umpteen friends round, and relegated us to downstairs or to the smaller room. My parents reluctantly agreed setting a limit on four in total at any one time - how many friends do they think I had?

Well, over the years, a fair few. The numbers fluctuated and change over the years from none for a while to a maximum rule breaking six plus me to the large exodus that was my sister’s friends coming home too. A friend who almost always was there is Steven McMaster and this blog centres on him firmly.

He has the ability to make people do stupid things, and also the ability to do very strange things him self. But one of these, and something I will still not forgive him for, is the most shocking tale of all time and I don’t use these words lightly.

I was an obsessed child - and I am still an obsessive adult. I must know about something that I get into to the point of geekout, and the list of these things that I am habitually geeking out over is surprisingly long and a few of closet friends could probably fill this list in for you. Sonic the Hedgehog, Rollercoasters and Rollercoaster Tycoon are three that ruled my early teenage years to the degree where my childhood-glee gland still makes me a sucker for the blue hedgehog in almost any game he appears, and to this day I can reel off stats about pretty much any rollercoaster built recently. I was tested by Shayan very recently and failed slightly which was a bit disappointing but also reassuring.

I pride my self that I only got interested in gadgets and Mobile Phones because I worked in s hop where people loved trying to catch you put by asking about “that new Nokia”, but after leaving the sanctuary of a job that was both mundane but coupled with great friends I deremembered all that knowledge, even though some of my friends still see me as the go to guy for phones.

To show this degree to which I geekout, I shall describe my feelings for Sonic, and this will help to put it into context. When all the cool kids were getting Playstations, I had to sit with my Mega-Drive, and my Sonic games. I was introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog early on, probably 1992, by my uncle and I get remember the first time I played it - and I am not making this up. I can remember the colours, and the fear of killing the titular character. I was terrified. Luckily, I overcame this irrational fear and picked the game up. For my birthday I received Sonic 3 for the Megadrive, and the following Christmas, Sonic and Knuckles (basically Sonic 3 part 2). The game was in development as one large title, but to make the release date they split the game over two cartridges. At the time, I had no idea, and there is a video of me at Christmas opening Sonic and Knuckles to read the manual to find out the storyline, exclaiming "It continues straight from the last one" in a whiney pre-pubescent voice that makes my cringe - it is almost as bad as N64 kid. Shudder...

So I was stoked. I am now going to assume you know little about the Sonic 3 thing so bare with me while I give you some background. S&K (Sonic and Knuckles) had a lock on feature which allowed you to plug in S3 into the top, to give you the game they had planned for all along - a full 16 levels. Think of it as the full version of The Lord of the Rings. The game had two types of Chaos Emerald (if you don't know what they are, I suggest you write me off as a friend). Getting all the Chaos Emeralds (S3) and the Super Emeralds (S&K) made you Hyper-Sonic. This was easy however as Sonic was fast, jumped higher and had Tails to help him. So, I gave my self a challenge and I took Tails as the only character, completing both parts of the game, grabbing every Emerald and Super Emerald and had 99 continues and 99 lives. It was my pride and joy, my full goal, my achievement similar to Joyce's Ulysses. I was complete.

Steven, on whim, deleted the file right in front of my eyes. I still have never forgiven him for it.