Imagine being asked to find a place on a map. No Google Maps, no Wikipedia GPS Latitude and Longitude, and 110% no help from a satellite. Imagine I asked you to find… Ballater on a map. The map is a map of Scotland with no names on it and no distinguishing marks. Infact, the map only looks like Scotland’s shape – there are no hills, roads, rivers or lochs. Can you do it? I’d say you’d have an okay chance. Now, let’s add the place names to the map. It makes it easier, doesn’t it? No wait, I have decided to move the town to a new place in Scotland every time you make a wrong guess. And the names of the places are changing every time too. Hard? I think it might be impossible. It’s almost a million to one chance.

I needed to send an email this morning to a member of our staff. So, I look on the Wood Group contact list. I am told that the person is XXX YYYY. So I send an email off to the person and instaltny get back an email saying “XXX YYYY no longer works for this company”. Please email YYYY XXX. So I do, and YYYY XXX replies saying “I am no longer working with that part, you need to email XYXY YXYX” so I email XYXY YXYX, and it bounces back “UNDELIVERED”.

Frustration becomes me.

I then discover that XYXY YXYX is now called XYXY YYYY as she was married and the email system doesn’t know about marital name changes.

Happy Monday.