The Reasons Why Autumn Is the Best Time of the Year

- Scarfs
I love nothing more than wearing a big woolly scarf in the cold weather. It was a bold move when I was at school to wear a scarf gifted to me by Hazel back when it was not exactly in vogue to wear them. A few years later and it is the ultimate male fashion accessory, worn even in clubs and the middle of summer – I was such a trend setter.
- Frost
Okay, scraping it off the car is not very nice and the slipping on the ice can be quite sore if you fall on your arse but I love the feeling of a really hard frost on the grass. The crunch of the grass and the slippy car park is always really good fun in the mornings.
- The huff on the windows of buses
Something about seeing fogged bus windows that remind me of my trips on the 138 in 2nd and 3rd year going to and from Uni. The top deck of the rickety old red buses and the horrible stale smell of years of smoking and the over used leather seats all make me smile when thinking about a simpler time.
- Football under floodlights
This week we played football and it was really good fun, but half way through and the flood lights came on and suddenly it reminded me of last year, when e first started playing football week in week out.
- Warm Jackets
The only thing beating scarves for the title of my favourite thing about autumn is that people wear big jackets. My large woolly trenchcoat is amazing. I love it. I love people in big jackets and I like wearing them.
- Hugs
These can be very nice from the right person in the cold of a taxi queue, bus stop, on a train platform or even in a warming up car.
- Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes night
Why are these two nights great? Because it includes frost, scarves, jackets and hugs in one big festival of drunkenness.