The Rorschach Experiment: Part One - 16 Days to go.

You might have noticed a small addition to the blog last week. The addition was to the right hand side of the blog, over… ---> there. Basically, I am working on a Halloween costume for a Halloween party. This is the first time I have really tried to make one and have put a fair amount of reputation on the line, ruining a planned three-couple costume of The Flintstones in the march towards Comic book geek dom.

Indeed, my costume is obscure. It will require a length explanation. But, if it works, it will be intense and really striking. So here is the rump:

I am going to go as Rorschach from Watchmen.

So, how will I make it. Well, I have the Trenchcoat. I bought a tan, lengthy trench coat from eBay early this month for the unsubstantial £21. This actually looks pretty amazing, though I am under strict instructions not to even consider wearing it anywhere else other than late October 31st.

I am now looking for the pinstripe trousers. Indeed, I found a pair of trousers in Topman that looked that part, and will serve me well for going to work too. These will be purchased at the weekend.

I am also looking for a piece de la résistance, the fedora. Instructed that H&M might be a good shout, I shall send my minions to work on the shops in Glasgow. Failing that, a good look at eBay tells me that for a good one it is £50 (which is way out my budget) and an okay one is £15-25 which I can stretch to.

But I think the costume will be made or broken by the mask. The concept behind the mask in the comic book* is that it is two pieces of film, in which a oily substances is free to move around, making the mask change it’s look all the time – effectively like a screen saver on the face of the character. This is unfortunately, impossible. But what I can do is create a shape in the style of the ink blot test and put it on my face. Currently my idea is to use white tights and fabric paint. This weekend I will be creating my first version of the mask by acting all nonchalant and buying a couple of pairs of white tights in a ladies department and some black fabric paint from somewhere in Aberdeen and going all arts and crafts.

So, the count down begins. With 16 days left I really need to find the Fedora and get it mailed out. I am looking for a Friday confirmation and purchase, delivered by next weekend. The minor details, such as the sugar cubes and leather gloves, should be easy to capture closer to the date.
*Watchmen is one of those rather interesting phenomenons that have a little history behind the classification. Technically, as it was printed as a serial, it is a comic book; one that is released in issues rather than a single volume. Collected together, however, it could considered as a graphic novel. Discussed muchly, this point is. /Yoda