If you have been living in a bubble you might not have heard of the whole Russell Brand-Jonathan Ross kerfuffle. Basically, everyone has an opinion on it and it had been the hot topic around the office, on the forums and on the TV news channels to the point of fervour. I'll get it out of the way - what they did wasn't right but it was comedy. It was fairly obviously a prank, the two men did it for a joke, and even though the two people involved have decided to accept apologies, the Prime Minister has been involved.

But do you remember last week? Kerry Katona appeared drunk on This Morning. So this scandal this week is just able to sell inches to the very people who use the red tops to pin their opinions into neatly folded Yes or No to the two being sacked, in the same way last week many people shook their head in disapproval without knowing anything about the situation.

So has this scandal been blown out of proportion? Yes - only 2 people complained when the show went out and now 25'000 bandwagon jumpers, who wouldn't have heard of the piece or wouldn't have even considered listening to the Brand show on BBC Radio 2. Even after the event it took days for anyone to even notice - and now, after the media picked it up, saw the potential, and the excitement that it would create in the papers, it really is incredible that now it is the main news item.

But, I suppose, the whole Credit Crunch schtick is getting old, Kerry Katona might actually be very ill, and the other tabloid cross hairs have been left off Jade Goody after she picked up the big C, they need something else to sell the useless, outdated toilet paper of the tabloids. So, will this blow over? Yeah - Brand will work on Channel 4, Ross, even if he is sacked (unlikely, when he draws million of viewers to a slot that could be a total fail in anybody elses hands) he will not need to work, producing a couple of books, hobnobbing with his mates, and getting a column in the Times/Guardian/Independent in a few years.

Everyone calm down - indeed, Jamie Theakston made a good point (how can I write that with a straight face?) - "People who watched Manuel are not the audience for Russel Brand and don't get it; and those who know Russell Brand might not even know who Manuel is! It has been blown out of proportion."

Yes, it has. Rossellgate won't go away anytime soon. Not until next week, with the US election anyway.