Sideburns and Beards.

A few weeks ago I shaved off my "beard". I had grown it over a few months, it going from scraggly ginger offshoots to a substantial amount of rather thin and wirey hairs all over my face. I have decided that I like the look more than being clean shaven to a point and I am going to let it grow back in - which is where the interesting fun is to be had.

I am not hairy in anyway shape or form. Little to no hair on my chest and my arm hair is frightfully blonde, but I am cursed with Celtic parentage so my beard comes in gingery. I have no realy problem with that - at least I am not of the freakiest Alistair Daring black-eyebrows-gret-hair team but the rate at which my new beard, which we shall call 2.0, is growing back in is at least 10 times faster. In deed, I had a vague mustache and goatee 3 days after last shaving at the weekend, and now have a slight stubble on my cheeks. Cultivation is key to the early stages of a beard.

But recently I was looking back at some photos of my friends and found one with me and my incredibly long hair. I used to have hair that went down to beyond my shoulders - quite the length for a man. I now have a middle to long hair cut and this weekend it will be shorter - but the surprising thing was when I went to shave Beard 1.0 off I found horrendously long side burns that had been hiding from my eyes underneath the long swathes of thick head hair.

The sideburns are so neglected in facial hair circles but are crucial to the full flow of hair from the head down to the chin and neck. In one photo Shayan, who can grow an incredible beard in 10 minutes, being dark skinned and middle eastern, had in a photo from yesteryear a brilliant set of sideburns. The were fabulous. I can only dream of that kind of facial hair.