Christmas Tree

Topical this time: I am going to buy a Christmas tree this weekend I think. I don't know where to buy one, I don't know how much it will cost and I don't even know why I fancy it... but unlike last year this Christmas seems a bit more like the real deal, and even I have become a little caught up in the whole... bullshit really. The place has been snowy and cold and the nights are darker than I remember but mostly it is because that even when it feels like Christmas I still think that it is a crock of old shit.

Now you might misunderstand me. I like the days off, I need the time off from work, and I enjoy the fact that for a few times in the last weeks and coming weeks all the old pipers and engineers really like going out and getting lashed to the heavy nines and pay for drinks for all the young ones, of which I still am. I also like the fact that towards the last week everything goes a little bit mental as people and attendance starts dropping like flies, noting that I mean the insects and not the little willy peep holes at the front of trousers.

As an atheist the celebration of the birth of our saviour the Lord Jesus Christ is kind of lost on me - I know the significance and I know that hundreds of million of people all over the world will be like "How can he be like that?" but to be fair, I don't preach about it. However, surely I can enjoy the time of the year as well as everyone else, whilst giving thanks for a stellar group of mates, healthy family and a securish job.

So why the want for a Christmas tree? I don't know... but the flat will seem nicer for it I think, and I also think it might be fun to put it up - or it might be a total ball ache. If I buy one I'll post it on here in glorious photo-vision. Bah Humbug.