Reading 2.0

So I have been reading for quite a while. Recently I have been unable to really delve deep into books, unlike my past years where I read a multitude of novels, be it pulp or factual, my recent reading lists have been dominated by comic books and graphic novels, punctuated by the sound of a blockbuster-novel that is not exactly well written but moves along at a pace that ticks quite well. I have in my head a list of books I want to read and that list is forever growing.

Early this year I picked up Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time and dived into the rather wining English that he uses to explain things that are quite technical and profoundly boring to the casual reader - the ways of the space time continuum might not appeal to all who read this but it managed to engage in a way long since forgotten in the ways on physics.

Another book I planned to read (and almost bought) was Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil - for it might not be classical, and I might not even understand it but I always fancied reading it to see how well I understood his theories and if it was possible to actually... well, kinda learn a bit? Not sure how well it would've worked.

Anyway, I never did buy the book. But at the weekend I did pick it up, along with The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Why? Well I downloaded a new thing for my iPhone and it is pretty amazing. It is a free application that allows you to read eBooks on the phone and gives you access to hundreds of thousands of books that are available for free on the internet.

So I have started to come round to the idea of an eBook reader - say the Amazon Kindle. It is a little clunky looking and a bit big, and possibly too expensive but the concept is quite marvellous - hundreds of books in your pocket? Why not?

I don't know about it replacing books - nothing is more pretentious than having a good book under your arm or a shelf filled with dustcovers with pages of words quivering inside... but it quite a novel idea.