Review of 2008, Preview of 2009 Part One: January to April.

La persistencia de la memoria, (The Persistence of Memory) - Dali (1931)

Here is something I should’ve done last year. It would have made for a good benchmark to track my progress. In any case here is the first four months of the last year in a digestible format, not unlike a catch-up round up type thing. Also, pinned to the months is my expectations for the future months. And then I’ll check later in the year if they meet what I thought.

Went offshore for the first time, clocking in a whole two weeks in one sitting. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) The weather was dreadful, the platform shook and the guys who were there was depressed to the point of wanting to kill each other. The whole experience was… interesting, if a little soul destroying. It made me glad for an office and dry land.

Before I knew it the month was almost over and that was that. Quickest January ever.

This year I think January will have some of the most important decisions in the longterm for myself. Hazel and I have to figure out what is going to happen with the whole location issues, her being over there and my being over here. She has to find something that she wants to do in the same way I have and go for it. This is something that is important for her and me. Also: I am going to London for a weekend with people who I have never met before – exciting times!

Once again my month was punctuated with going offshore, this time for shorter while, but more excruciatingly on night shift. This led me to write the most meandering post I have written on here, and probably the only one that I enjoy rereading… it captures my feelings exactly. After this stint my respect for Riggers went up quite a bit, their bodies routinely being pummelled by swings in their sleeping habits. Took me quite a bit of time to get back on track after returning to the Aberdeen.

This blog turned 1 in February, which was exciting. It only dawned on my later that it actually was 1 in November 2007, with the posts from my old blog on Bebo counting I suppose as the premature birth of the blogging me. I also posted the second in the retrospective posts about my time university, which are the most honest to god I have been on here.

Sleepwalk Capsules launched.

February is such a non event month that I can’t even think of things that might happen. I have a training course booked and will try to fit in some hillwalking with friends – the great outdoors, how I have missed ye.

March is a month that I can’t really remember much about – it obviously was when I wasn’t paying attention. Shayan was living with me good a proper at this point and all I can remember about March was the excessive amount of money I spent travelling up and down to Glasgow every weekend.

This month saw my return to the ex-28th Scouts weekend with all the old boys. I will be making it three in a row this coming March and I am looking forward to it rather a lot, and promise to myself to be in better shape by preplanning 6 hill walks, starting in January, before I turn up to meet loads of guys double and thrice my age thundering ahead of me up the steep inclines.

I also went on my first “training course” being patronised to the point of being a child by a woman who pretended to know loads about everyone in the room based on three pieces of card an an arbitrary colour. The irony is that this training course has stayed with me better than any technical training course that I went on is not lost on me.

I have the 2009 ex-28th meeting to look forward to, and plan to go away somewhere nice for a week, maybe Rome or Prague with people or a person. This plan is up in the air and requires me to start thinking about booking it kind of about now… but Credit Crunch and all that might make me think twice about it. Probably not though.

In April I fooled you all (well, most) and it was glorious. April fools day is such an odd celebration of pretty much nothing and now with the internet mischief can far and wide reaching without actually needing to do anything worthwhile. I can pretend to do anything and in the mist of 1/08 many people will forgive such hoazes – try it any other time of the year and you shall be hung, drawn and quartered by the heady crowds of the Internet.

I went to my first technical training course with the work and found out I knew even less than I remembered, being suitably put in my place by a cocky, swearing cunt of an English man that endeared to me with his words of fucking wisdom and fucking tips that made sense at the time. Having been on further training courses I have came to conclusion that not only was he a colossal prick, he didn’t really teach us anything… which goes at odds to what I said in my post. Hey, cool, I changed my mind.

April? Nothing planned. I suppose that around about now the powers that be will be initiating the Houston – Aberdeen exchange for 2009 and 2010 and pending what agreement Hazel and I achieve I will either be looking to apply for this to move to America for a year to work for Mustang.

The first third then:
Strange one, it really flew in – I became an office based drone, working day in day out in the place for a long time, drifting along not noticing anything worthwhile. No drama, no excitement, no curve balls. Pretty much the most boring couple of months I have had… since the summer between school and University. The biggest upheaval was that Hazel was officially in Glasgow short-middle term and I was working offshore, living with Shayan. Things were trundling along at a pace not unlike meandering and slow.

The next first third then:
Could be interesting for all. I plan to move the blog away from Blogger to a new place that is slightly better called Wordpress in the new year and will most likely never get round to doing it properly – it is actually already there in some capacity. Some major things need to be decided though, and they will be sooner rather than later. Shall be tumultuous and exciting - the opposite of the counter part months last year.