X Files, Rollercoasters, Thomas the Tank Engine etc: A Complete List of my Geekouts in Chronological Order

I am a geek. I am one of those cool ones that is cool, but still a geek, and I have been comfortable with my geekiness for years. I was always worried about coming out of the cool-closet but my family have been very supportive and understand the courage it takes to admit it to your closest friends, and I have been out and proud geek for a long time now.

A friend once said that if it weren't for Hazel I would've ended up endlessly wanking and sitting my room not ever having sex or meeting a lady. He's probably right after reading this list...

Thomas the Tank Engine
A couple of months ago a cracked open a bottle of wine and watched episodes of Thomas on Youtube which, then, became my official "Greatest Invention". It reminded me of when I was enthralled in the gorgeous world of the Isle of Sodor. I had all the main toys and characters and loved nothing better than to act out the story lines when I had the chance, such as Henry's tunnel escapades or the episode when Thomas thinks he drive without his driver and crashes into the Fat Controllers house during breakfast. This is where my geekiness stems from.

The Reason I am an engineer without a doubt, the intricate worlds and buildings I built with the tiny plastic bricks are exactly also the place where I grew my infinite imagination and probably my habit for meticulous arrangement of objects - nothing breeds OCD-esque tendencies that rigid block formations and symmetrical designs. I would love nothing more than to crack open my Lego and build an epic object using my knowledge I have now like I did back then, but it ain't going to happen - my mum is never going to let me take it out.

I started playing Rollercoaster Tycoon back in 1999 after a chance reading about it in a computer game magazine. I got the demo off a PC Gamer CD and feel in love with the graphics and the simple menu system and the fact that there was a massive scope for creating pretty much anything out of the game. I lost literally months to this game (that's total time, not how long I played it) and also bred the first really geeky thing I have ever done, and still have with me, which is a large and encyclopeadic knowledge of Rollercoasters and Theme Parks in the US, which surprised a recent friend who was impressed (is that the right word) that I knew about Six Flags Over Texas.

X Files
I used to watch the X Files on Sky 1 whenever they were on - much to my fathers distaste as he grew bored of the storyline at around the moment the series started to jump the shark. In anycase since then I have acquired 7/9 series and plan, in the future, to complete my collection, even if it means putting up with Dogget and Reyes. It is that OCD thing coming back to me.

I now geek over something a little more social acceptable. Music is okay though as other people like it though, yeah? Cool.

Things that I missed out on:
Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings (I have read them and they are not my favourite books though), Computer Games on Consoles (never had a Playstation), Role Playing Games (Warhammer... shiver...),.

The thing is that I am not alone in being a geek - in fact I think that everyone is a geek about something. I mean, Hazel enjoys Sex and the City and Oscar award winners, my father is the ultimate Chris Rea and Ed McBain geek and the majority of my friends are into things like Computers, Geek out over football transfers and statistics and even Star Trek. Maybe I am not so unusual.