I have now been using this incredible program for 4 weeks and have yet to find any real flaws with it. If you know me personally I might have already bent your ear about it, but the reason for this is not that I have any shares in the company or actually any affinity with the developers. It is basically because I have finally found the program that I have been waiting for the internet to make, and the exact one that I can now safely say that I will tell anyone and everyone about.

It is called Spotify and is, as I have said in the past, like having God’s iTunes. At it’s most simple it is a big online catalogue of major label music and smaller label music from hundreds of thousands of artist online. That is not that new to be honest, and iTunes them selves have that already. Even eMusic has something similar, but Spotify has a unique selling point. Now there is no need to download the music, you can just stream all the music from the software. It works like you had all that music on your PC, without streaming problems or and poor bitrates. In fact, if you are not paying attention, you’ll be convinced that you have all the music actually on your hard drive.

But that’s the basics, the real deal breaker for me is the playlist creator. You can build a playlist (like, for example, this: :) ) and then send it to everyone who has spotify and they can listen to it. Peachy. A second reason this is cool, is that you can do this: :D and anyone can change the music on the playlist. That is even more peachy. But, then you reaslise you can link directly to any song, like this c:D or any album, like this /:) and they can listen to that. All of the above makes Spotify really excellent.

But where’s the catch? Well, the free version, that I have, has intermittent adverts which can break the flow of, say, a Mars Volta album, but are a small price to pay (in fact, no price at all) for a staggering amount of good, free, legal music. Either that or a tenner a month (less that my 75 track eMusic subscription) means no adverts.

I don’t know if it will work, or if it will make money, but at the moment it is the best thing I have found on the internet in ages. To get it, click here, or email me for an invite. I only have three left at the moment.