2 Years – When My Insanity Crashes into Reality

731 Days. My 165th post. This kind of milestone is not one to be sniffed at – I started blogging before I had properly moved out of my Mum and Dad’s house, and more than 2 years since my first ever blog, way back on Bebo (now, lost forever when I deleted my profile, sniff) a lot of stuff has happened. Firstly I did my final year of University, I moved away to Aberdeen, got my self a real life ™ job… I also like to think that over the last 2 and a half years since my first ever post on Bebo my writing has matured, if not got better. I’d be ashamed if it had got worse.

My blog shares it's birthday with Christina Ricci, Josh Brolin, Gethin Jones, and several NFL Footballers, and my Gran.

So here is what I promised to do last year but didn’t; a kind of top five of my favourite posts that I have posted – the ones I enjoyed writing and the ones that I enjoyed reading back, for good reasons or bad.

The Tale of Chemical Engineering (Part I of I)

The first post I ever did on here that was really serious and was a good vocalisation of how I was feeling in that listless moment after finishing University. One of the few posts that I have put on here that makes me read it back as a kind of diary as it captures perfectly my indecision and my thoughts on the way University when for me.

Holiday 2007 Part II: A Fairly Horrible Moment

The funnest post I have ever written and one that makes me laugh to this day, more for the memory of the events actually happening. It is possibly one of the funniest moments of my life.

The Mark and Neds series (Part I, II and III)

This was something that I had been writting back and forth over months before finally posting it and reading it back makes me laugh as I recall the tales. There is two further posts in skeletal form about other times, such as when I used to break into the old garden centre nurseries and saw a ghost.

A Tale of Rock Steady: Unsociable Socialising

The only fictional thing I have ever posted on the blog, even when it was based heavily on stuff that had actually happened in various outings with Rock Steady. This is probably my favourite Rock Steady story that I put here. There are actually two further Rock Steady tales that I could post, both of which might be saved for a rainy day.

My Internet Miscapades

A history of my activities on the internet? This was a kind of a cathartic release of moments back in the past. It should get a special mention for being the most embarassing thing I have ever posted. :)

And a special mention to A New Chapter Dawns (tee hee)

At this point I would like to say that I will, after a couple of weeks of blistering blogging action, be taking a break from here. I have almost exhausted my self on topics. See you in a few weeks I think.