Being Set In Your Ways.

Tonight BBC are throwing everything of kilter. Tonight sees the start of the second part of the third series of Heroes, which is the fourth volume and instead of keeping it on a Wednesday they have moved it to a Monday. This has annoyed me a little – new Flight of the Conchordscomes out on a Monday, new 24 on Tuesday and Wednesday was Heroes. Now, annoyingly, we have to double up on Heroes with Flight of the Conchords. This is not ideal. At least I think I know why the moved it – The Apprentice, my other TV love, should be starting in a few months, and Heroes probably was in the way of that.

I have decided that my plans being all put of flux is actually quite annoying, but seeing as I am in flux anyway I am embracing the change of scheduling and looking to fill my Wednesday with some good old fashioned male TV action. So now I have replaced Wednesday night’s TV with Gossip Girl.


Flight of the Conchords (You know it's time for business when I'm down to my socks, that's why they are called business socks)

24 (Jack is one mean motherflipper)

Heroes (Steven wants to make naughty with Clare)

Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass wear cool bowties and Nate has his eyes too close)