The Present (and messing up some comedy gold).

The thing about the present is that it is already in the past by the time you realise that it is here. That's the thing with memory. If we had no memory, there would be no past of future, there wouldn't even be now, it just would be. I mean, of course, in physics terms time is not what we perceive, but is a dimension like up or forward is, we just have gave it definitions.

A recent piece of advice from a friend was to stop thinking about the past so much and too hard about the future and start thinking about the present. I find that bit of advice quite good until I start to try to do it in practise. I mean, even if I start think a bit ahead of myself, like into the future by 5 seconds, in 5 seconds it will be the present, and then suddenly it is the past, 5 seconds ago. Even Deja Vu is something that is automatically in the past. The thing about the present is that it is already in the past by the time you realise it is here. You see what I mean about Deja Vu?

I had a moment this weekend as I was standing outside of a cash machine where the past and the present were proven to me in no uncertain terms. As I was waiting patiently in a queue that would make my Britishness prouder than The Star Spangled Banner on Inauguration day, several young giggling girls were standing to my left. It was my turn to dispense cash and as I stepped up a woman tapped me on my shoulder, pointed at her friend and said "She had sex last night!".

I replied "Lucky for some!"
I replied "Was it any good?"
I replied "How about tonight?"
I replied "How'd you know, did you watch?"

But I didn't. I couldn't think THAT fast on my feet and in my moment of incredulity. I wish I had a second chance, but the present was too quickly the past and I didn't react fast enough. They call it something in French but I couldn't remember what it was until I asked around, thanks Bamos: L'esprit d'escalier. So now I am thinking about the past so much because I didn't handle the present well enough. Oh well, maybe next time, in the future I'll handle the present so as not to dwell on the past later.