This news story caught my eye for several reasons. First of all, anything where the beauty of Scotland is mentioned is always worth my perusal, and when it is something that Scottish beauty has won against the rest of the world then of course I am going to be interested in reading it.

The story concerns the West Highland Line, the railway line that goes from Glasgow to Mallaig. In the summer of 2007 I had to get the train home from Spean Bridge after being away at a Scout Camp. I was coming home to graduate, so it was slightly important. The easy way was to get the train.

First of all I loved the journey. It hugs hills, sweeps lochs and traverses massive valleys, coming out of tunnels and scraping embankments with such gall that it is a feat of Engineering. Simply put it was the greatest journey I had ever been on. And for a second reason: I paid only £2.30 for the trip. As I got on at Spean Bridge the conductor passed me by ignoring me, and I said nothing. He then ignored me the whole way on the train, which by todays prices would have cost me £23.50.
Not bad for the best 3 hour journey of my life.