Today Britain was hit with the worst snow fall in some areas for 20 years. This means widespread disruption to roads, rail, airlines, schools, offices and shops... basically in Southern England today is a write off. Nobody can get anywhere and everyone is being told to stay indoors unless it is essential for you to travel.

You'd think it was the ice age coming. You'd think that we'd never had snowfall before. You think that we'd be used to it. You'd think that right?

Well, we are. We all are. I can only imagine a small number of people who are actually annoyed at missing work, or missing school from the snow today, but most of all I think that the reason anyone actually cares about it is becuase the media like to brew up a storm... especially when the news was as slow as a month watching the X Factor this weekend. The only thing slightly exciting is the football transfer window shutting, and even then I get looks of shrugs from anyone who I try to engage in converstation with. A big fat "Meh".

So suddenly BRITAIN IS AT A STANDSTILL. Even though there had been severe weather warnings for days in advance. Everyone, chill (literally) out, go and sledge, make a snow man. Go on - if we are to be told and believe them, our country will be a tropic paradise similar to Brazil in a few years time, bloody global warming. Now, where's my hot water bottle.

As an aside, here is a reason why I still have hope for this country.