This week I bought a pillow with speakers built in. I’ll let that sink in before you realise that it is possibly the best thing ever. The reason? Well, I have been known to fall asleep with my laptop in my bed (a practise stopped last December when I almost burnt a hole right through my substantial thigh, leaving a mark that is still there to this day) or with my iPhone playing the lastest Hip Indie Band all night long forgetting to turn it off. The bane of this however is not the wasted battery life, nor is it the lost of sleep – I honestly have slept through a nuclear bomb blast and the plinky plonky indie guitar couldn’t have a hope of rousing me. The problem is the headphones.

The times I have woken up strangled to near asphyxiation by those demonic tangle prone wires is incalculable. I mean, they like to wrap themselves around my neck like I like to wrap my self around a plate of chips and cheese burger, and this, my latest gadget find and purchase, works marvellously. I can now listen to Ricky Gervais Podcasts in my bed without my headphones pushing directly into my skull. In saying that I was confounded by the wire from the pillow wrapped round my head… but that’s not the point. I think.

Being a bit of a geek (nay, a total out of the closest nerd), gadgets and technology used to be able to give me the horn. I worked for almost 4 years in a mobile phone company shop selling gadgets to unsuspecting punters who, like it or not, were probably infected with the sincere admiration I had for these sliding, beeping, photo taking blocks of silicon and electrical madness. I didn’t feign it either – I actually did enjoy knowing all kinds of crazy facts that I am afraid will be permanently stuck inside my branes. Oh well. Even to this day to my friends I am the one to ask about phones, but I will just reply now with a shrug. I may have an iPhone, but I am embarrassed when in a social situation someone points out that they too have one and they ask me “What apps you got?”. Eugh.

Colin once had a pen that was bona-fide James Bond. On the top of the pen it had a red LED that blinked brightly when ever a passing mobile phone signal interfered with it. I mean, back in those days of only a few hundred people in the world owning phones, such as we were ahed of the times, it probably did work – now, with everyone having a phone, it’s almost useless. Indeed, the pen it’s self was useless anyway. Speaking of pens, he also had a SPACE-PEN that was “designed to be used upside down, in space”. A little ahead of it’s time I suppose, as we are not exactly pushing the boundaries of space exploration just yet. And plus, I’m sure a pencil would work just fine.

I too have been taken by the gadget. Once, when watching Dragons Den, I spotted an amazing invention that I was intrigued by – fold away plates and mugs. It sounds ridiculous, but then when you realise that I take a full bowl and mug on camping trips with me and the space that they will take up in my bag, to be able to fold them away actually is amazing. Secondly, they unfold and are wipe clean, a massive plus when you are eating endless bowls of cheesey pasta and soup.

I suppose that I can still get excited by them – recently I saw a video for Microsoft Surface, a desk like PC that had touch screen ability over the whole table. That looked amazing. Also, even more cool is Spotify, not so much a gadget I think but pretty much the best thing I have ever used in ages. And I can never shake off the gadgety geek from my shoulders, as still to this day internet use = gadgetry geek. I true, my iPhone does put me up in a lovely band of people that are self confessed gadget hoarders, but I don’t think that I am one… please? Please tell me I am not one. Please… I beg you! Argh!