I haven’t spoken to Jim in a long time, not since university. I used to see him once or twice a week, for a few hours and we’d get on pretty well. Steven, Shayan and Stephen used to come with me and we’d all hang out with Jim for a while and have a laugh, talking about the good old times when we used to play football every night and didn’t ever need to go and see Jim at all. Those days were long gone and Jim was the next best thing to do, and he was always welcoming. He even hung out with the lecturers sometimes, and sometimes played Squash or Badminton with us too.

It was in our later years at University that Jim slowly slipped out of our grasp, preferring to go swimming than go and see Jim. We taught Shayan how to swim (to an extent) and used be in the pool for under an hour or so lolling around. Every time we passed Jim we had to embarrassingly make our apologies, as we slowly stopped going all together.

When moving to Aberdeen I suggested to several friends that maybe I’d get back into seeing Jim, once or twice a week. I never did get round to it, but others did. Helen and Ewan go several times a week to see Jim and do classes with him, spin classes, aerobic classes that probably have helped them keep their trim figure. Jim is always good at that.

And this last week I met Jim again for the first time in years. He was friendly; he’d obviously been working out, and was much better looking. Jim didn’t hold any grudges against me either, which was really nice of him – I expected him to look at me with distaste and ignore me, having fallen out with him for so long. I mean, I’d not spoken to him in over 3 years, but he was as friendly as could be. Ana convinced me to go along to see him and I was surprised at how well it worked out and how good it felt.

Now, my arms are killing me in places I had not known existed in years, and all of Jim’s other friends were all super fit, making me a little annoyed at falling out with the guy for so long. I think this period in our relationship will be longer than it was, him now living closer to my flat and with the long weekends to contest with, Jim will probably become one of my best friends. He’s an expensive acquaintance, but always worth it.