Grazing or Free Food

Today I took another important step to getting healthier – I ate fresh fruit for breakfast. This sounds utterly ludicrous if you know me at all, as I am not one for eating fresh fruit normally, never mind for breakfast, but this was something else – this is a change in the way that my diet is going to be based upon, and it is also using the internet. Basically, I found a website called that are able to pick from a selection of fruit, seeds and other healthy stuff that I have told them that I like and they will prepare it and send it to my work, for a nominal fee. That fee, ladies and gents, was nothing. I got a free box of fruit this morning and it was lovely. Fresh grapes, tasty dried blackcurrants and a mix of nuts that I’d only ever eat every so often.

The genius that I have already came round to is that by sending this through the post I have already been sucked in to the excitement of the random fruit etc that I will get. It’ll be a mix of orange, peach, grapes apples and other fresh stuff, with something else, and all day I’ve been slowly munching on my grapes, and my blackcurrants instead of snacking on chocolate that I might pick up from the canteen. The fruit is lovely.

The question is why not just buy it and get it in your self? Well, the problem that I have found with that is the same problem I have with all the stuff I have been I am well meaning – basically I loose interest. Also, if I buy grapes, they’ll only be eaten when I am in the flat and have run out of cereal, toast, chocolate biscuits or eater eggs. The advantage I have with this being sent out to me here is that it limits my choice and when it’s sitting on my desk… god I’ll eat it. And I’ll feel better for it.

Am I getting commission for this? Not really – I have a promo code that gets you a free box and myself £1 off a box, but that’s not the point – I quite like the idea of the company. Check them out and honestly it is free – there’s no obligation to keep going with it. So gets some free fruit.
My code is: 26WHGKP