My Style or Being Cool.

Do I have one or am I cool? I’d like to think so... In fact, I always think I have had something about me that the idiotic, or the stupid, or the flatteringly lovely will point out, for better or worse. Regularly in my life I get someone commenting that I look good, even when I have just thrown something on my skin and bones with blind disregard. This say more about them than anything about me though.

The first time I can remember actually thinking about what I wanted to wear was way back in high school, probably in my first year, as an 11 year old looking at the TV and my peers and thinking that I must look good – so, I started to wear white trainers and track suit tops. Rarely would you find me wearing anything without a sport label on it in my first few years at school – that was what in fashion at the time around my area. I would be wearing Nike Air Max jumper or a Le Coq Sportif track suit, with absolutely no irony and thinking that I looked the shit in it instead of just shit.

My second phase included my hair cut. I got my “style” in 2nd year, which was basically short back and sides with the fringe gelled up to the maximum in a flick that resembled a spiky tidal wave about to breach the shores of a Asian nation. This dominated my style so much so that it appears in my year book profile written by “friends” at the time.

In about this time there was the rather incredible bounce of Nu-Metal, so not only did I have the flick, but I also for a while tried the Mohawk typed central flick – this made me think I was at the height of fashion and also was the most daring I could’ve gotten without my father kicking me out of the house.

My clothes started to evolve around about this time too – gone were the track suits, replaced with the telling signs of a Nu-Metaller – Vans trainers, baggy blue jeans, hoodies and T-Shirts with long sleeved T-shirts underneath. This slowly transported me into university.

I changed from spiky maniac hair to long shaggy locks over a 4 year degree, to the point of graduating with one of those kinds of haircuts that in future years people will laugh at and I agree with them whilst in my head actually cursing them under my breath for being bastards.

This shaggy hair was at varying lengths, reaching an event horizon about 2006/2007 when I moved out. It was cut back just in time to be at least considered for jobs properly. Infact, photos me can be dated just by the style of my hair to be honest.

Clothing wise now, I have become known for a penchant for a cardigan. This is because of the practicality, the look, and the warmth begotten from a cardigan of this style. This is a lovely type of jumper shirt cross over and will be worn throughout the summer by me, in lieu of being able to find a suitable jacket that I can wear this summer. I have also became recognisable by my glasses, which has became a kind of sick joke every time I go out – people taking my glasses from me, wearing and then expecting me to be able to see them wearing them is quite the funny thought, and if Helen is going forward with her threat, she will become the fifth person (including my self) that has my glasses on their face as the Facebook picture.

I’d like the think this makes me a sort of trend setter, but it actually just reminds me that it’s probably because I look like a twit in them.