When I was a child I remember being taken to barbers for the first time and kicking and screaming and generally making a complete scene out of the affair, probably to the embarrassment of my mother. In my older years I would go with my father to the Shawlands barber. In my first few years of university I took longer gaps between my haircuts, growing my hair to obscene lengths that at the time of me graduating, I already knew would be incredibly out of date in the future then. But I had long hair, and most guys have to at least try it.

For my Wood Group interview I went to a Glasgow West End hair salon and paid £30 for a wash, massage, cut and blow dry. And I came out with a fantastic haircut. I really did. Not that this is what gave me the job, but it probably contributed to it. I didn’t even get my haircut after that till months afterwards.

In April I paid £25 for another haircut. For the first time in years (maybe since that time in Glasgow) the hairdresser did almost exactly what I had cryptically asked for. It had cost me a fair amount of money, that’s for sure, but it looked great and was a breath of fresh “hair” haha. Don’t worry, I feel terrible for typing that myself.

So this week I shall hopefully be getting my hair cut again. At a proper salon again, but this time I am tempted to ask for a specific hair cut. A short one. A very short one. One that will be close cropped, not require 5 minutes of hair dryer in the morning, and possibly the most daring haircut I’ve ever had since I didn’t have haircuts for months.

I’ll keep you posted.