Holiday 2009: NYC IV - American TV and the Urge to Not Buy Everything.

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In the country of the free and the good there is a problem that I have encountered. Sure, my experience of the USA was slightly less impressionable than that of someone from that hallowed country, but the short exposure I had completely convinced me that the BBC is the greatest thing on the planet. The reason for this was the difference that I noticed between the great American television industry and the ludicrously over the top advertising levels that made me vomit green backs so hard my throat was burned from the smell the Federal Reserve were watching me with mirth. This joke was brought to you by Nissan. Locate your local dealer at

The News
Watching 24 Hour rolling news is something you only ever do on holiday and the USA have it down to a tee. Shouting anchors, endless outpours of shit analysis, labouring points over and over again until the loose all impact, and importantly using flashing graphics to buzz up the credit crunch, or the swine flu thingmy, or the collapse of a grand institution such as Chrysler.

The Sports
The team line ups brought to you by Taco Bell? Wow, that's advertising penetration. I mean you can't move the sponsorship. Even the advert breaks were sponsored by some company! And I like the NBA, being a sport I understand, but the sheer amount of time outs on a live broadcast and the number of times I heard "presented by ANOTHER COMPANY" I was ready to stand up and sign Rule Britannia if only to remind myself of the beauty of ad-less TV.


The Adverts
Basically you seem to be allowed to say another competitors product is crap. And that your's is better. And even say the brand. That's... mental.

The Good Things
All things said they have gave me the following so I can't too hard on them.
The Wire, X Files, 30 Rock, NYPD Blue, Arrested Development, Heroes, House, 24, Flight of the Conchords, Sopranos, etc etc. And we have Susan Boyle.