Stockholm Syndrome

As people who have read my blog for a while will know, I moved from Glasgow to Aberdeen in the summer of 2007 to start a new job. The magnitude of this decision was actually never really thought about at the time in any real light because it was always intended to be a temporary move, with eyes on a move back to Glasgow at some point. This was because Glasgow was home and was the location of my home base and several tethered things that meant I never really ever moved away. So for nearly a year and a half my home was split between where I lived and where I wanted to be. If ever there was a recipe for disaster that was it.

Early this year circumstance changed and my home base changed for Glasgow-Aberdeen to simply just Aberdeen and for the first time I actually felt like I had moved away. Now I go weeks, almost months at a time from going back to Glasgow and as such I have grown to adopt Aberdeen as my home. It does ask quite an interesting question though – what exactly is home?

So is Aberdeen my home? I’d define home as where the people and things you love are and seeing as I am now grown up there has to be the distinction when saying people I love as I will probably never live back with my parents. So I’d say that Aberdeen is as close a home as I have now, but it’s not my home. It’s not homely enough. Recently in a discussion with a close friend about home and going home, there’s always something for where you grew up to be your “home”. And you can always go back.

I have stated several times that Glasgow is a really nice place to come back to. It’s the city that I grew up in and going back is always fun, like “When’d that bar close?” or “Shit, that building came from no where!” or “Was a Saturday night always this mad on Renfield St?”. Yesterday, whilst driving across the city of Aberdeen after dropping my passenger in the centre of town I for the first time felt comfortable here. I now know where most of the things I want to do are, I’ve done most of the things that Aberdeen has to offer, and no longer feel like a Glasgow ex-pat, a nomad stuck intbetween locations. I am now settle, content, and at ease, probably a lot later than any one else that has moved here to work because of my late commitment to actually staying here after 4pm on a Friday.

Now to find somewhere else to live. Paris, New York, LA, Houston, London. Who’s with me?