Where'd the year go?

It’s May. It’s actually almost June… where the hell has the year gone? In 2007 I bemoaned the quickness that the year rolled in, and in 2008 it screamed past without even saying hello, and now it’s almost closer to 2010 than it is to the start of 2009 and I am pretty sure I’m not even completely happy with writing “09” in the date on documents, occasionally putting “08” instead. Can someone explain this to me?

"That simple word, of love it's self already died and went away."
Marilyn Manson - Coma Black (Part I, Eden Eye)

I watched the snow lie on the ground, covering the city with a white blanket of silence and chill and I sighed for warmer climes and drier mornings. I sat in my car on the way to work in the dark tapping my foot to the radio shows in a great depression and drove back home from work in the same darkness, never my skin seeing the UV light of natural sunlight, nor the activating Vitamins from the natural light of my life giver. And then I saw the flowers rise from the exhaust pored grass on verges and embankments on the dual carriageways and I slowly watched the temperature go from 2’C high to a maximum of 18’C these days. So now the summer is here and the usual not-quite pitch black night times are back and the mornings are as sunny as midday I can remember last year, which feels almost like yesterday but not quite, like a distant memory of a holiday from a long time ago that you only remember events because of the photographs, and I can’t believe that 2009 is almost half way done, and I ask again – where did the year go?