Fuck rules.

Acutely Being Obtuse: Rules are there and they are meant to be broken. This is a cliché, sure, but it’s also true. The reason why there are rules is that they are meant to be broken so that they can then, later, be adhered to. If you are smart enough you can avoid not following them by acknowledging them, but most of the time the rules are to be broken, smashed, microwaved, stamped on and the set on fire, and then, afterwards, you say “Whoops” and then follow them, pretnding that’s what you had done all along. It’s only once in a while do you meticulously follow the rules, and then it will probably impede your progress in life doing this.

Note: Laws and rules are different things, of course. Laws are types of rules, but with real consequences. The subject of this post is about arbitrary rules that can be broken – not laws, like gravity or murder, which can’t be broken and then corrected afterwards. Mostly because some laws broken will land you in jail, and others will mean you will suddenly find yourself flying off the planet into the sun.

So when it comes to work, rules that can very easily be broken. However, being obtuse when following them is something that people do in the following situations:
- They don’t actually understand why the rules are there in the first place.
- They don’t actually understand when the rules are applied, or what they are to be applied to.
- When someone is deliberately holding something up based on a rule technicality, so they later have something to complain about, or want someone to complain about them.
The worst one:
- If they honestly think that delaying something on a technicality is worth it.

And sometimes all of the above come into play. It’s annoying. It’s more annoying when someone does it when they know that it will save a lot of bother when it comes to getting something done quicker, when moments earlier they had been complaining about something taking too long, when it in fact is being held up further by this rule following.

I say: fuck rules. They are only there to be followed by idiots and continually broken by idiots. These people are stubborn and impossible to deal with and generally arseholes. Rules can be bended, they can be dodged, and can be outright ignored if they are arbitrary enough. Hence the reason for their implementation!
Arbitrary rules dominate our lives and if we let ourselves be ruled by them, in social, life, love, or work situations, we let ourselves fall asleep into a coma, becoming the walking dead. Live your life a little on the edge for Christ’s sake, stop being stubborn and break a rule. Just one! I fucking double dare you. In fact, According to the rules you have to do it now.