My life through Twitter – November 2008 to May 2009.

Note: This was part experiment, part bit of interesting Web 2.0 stuff, but mostly it was an exercise in removing boredom. So, it's now out of date, but I told someone of it and as such, I feel inclined to post it, 2 months late...

As people who look at the things on the right hand side of my blog will know, I have had a Twitter account for quite some time. Infact, you can count me as an early adopter, having had one since November 2008, oh look at me. In the last few months I’ve been steadily getting more and more used to the lovely 140 character limit of updating people on what I am doing, and to this I have decided that it might be fun to make all the updates into one big long blog post. Kind of like a strange art-piece. So what I have done is take all my "Tweets" or "Twats", collate them, punctuate them, and make them into some sort of running order of my life from November 2008 to May 2009. It makes for some interesting reading.

The Beginning and the Snow of 2009.
Trying out Twitter... not sure how it works, but hey. I am curiously cautious about Twitter. I am worried I might be sucked in by it's 2.0 charms. So it is snowing for real now. The snow has stopped falling but has decided to stay on the ground. slippy surfaces for all... It is pretty damn icy outside I need to be more balanced when walking or t learn how to not fall over so comically. Has decided that the joke isn't funny any more and that who ever is wanting it to keep snowing is due a severe beating. I have been trying to get home for an hour and a half and I haven’t moved in 20 minutes. WTF? I can't believe how much snow is being dumped on me right now, it's like a big white marshmallow and I am trapped inside it.

Coldness and the Hat Experiment
I am now at work, but my boss is still off, and all my deliverables are complete, so I should probably start that pile of work over there. Fujiya & Miyagi. I am going to have a pizza and then work out… That is what you call a cycle of doom. It is so cold I am wearing a hat to bed. My hair will be much like Phil Spectors in the morning. Well, one can hope. My hair experiment came to nothing but I did wake up in total darkness with the hat over my eyes. Time to do some work I think. I just realised I had not twittered or tweeted in almost a fair few hours. So I am going bed. Hat experiment take 2. I have decided that if given the change, I want to join the circus, even if it means having to sleep with a Siamese twin. Twitter needs an edit function. "chance", not "change". :(

My Books Escapades
ALL THE PRETTY HORSES is a quite excellent book. The Road is next, though I still need to buy it. The BBC2 session of Morrissey is very very good. I made paella for 7 people last night and I enjoyed it. I am going to by Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD tomorrow. American writer overload I suppose. How long do you have to stay in bed for it to be counted as a bed day? I have just managed to figure out where fujiya & miyagi are playing in Glasgow. Going to get tickets, yay… I am confused about what to make of Saturday night. maybe all will be revealed in the coming days. Inter vs. Milan was a good game though.

The Lost Car Keys (and the last recorded instance of his hat)
Oh crap I can't find my car keys. They must be somewhere between my desk and the car. :( found my car keys, so that's fine. Now to do some work... which is not so fine. Mark has his good hat and is ready for anything, but will most probably do nothing. I am going for a run. Wish me luck People! Guys in work just laughed at my hat, the philistines. They will be first against the wall when the revolution comes. Bed time I think. Night all. So, Street Fighter IV is out this week, I might have to pick that up. I am watching 24 hehe enjoy jack being back time for some sleep i think, American psycho and a well earned rest after five a sides I need to find out what kind of subway I want this lunch time. It’s going to be a long morning... I am now addicted to this thing, which to be honest can only be a bad thing

Walking into Work
For a movie set in Baltimore He's Just Not That Into You, while it was humorous for the most part, has no black people in it. In Glasgow pooling my parents resources and I am missing Aberdeen. Kill me now. I am going out. I am going to have beer. The Oscars, blah blah blah. Where was my invite to Elton John's party huh? Can walking substitute for running? Because I like a nice long walk but running can be a little annoying... I have found Nada Surf and thanks the heavens for Spotify. I am tired but enjoyed my 5 miles today. So yeah, 5 more tomorrow! Good morning! Nothing like a long walk and a Hitchhiker's guide - XKCD interface to make my day. :) just played fives - 6/10, couple of great passes, good movement, good control, no goals and couple of shots. Sack walking today, legs are complaining about fives last night. Still in bed... Oh yes... :D Going to subway this lunch, not going to gamble like last week, it's either a subway melt or steak and cheese...

The IChemE pub quiz and training
Going to a pub quiz tonight. better not be any technical questions I am at the pub quiz, we won a clock and Ewan is asking me about twitter! I’m drunk and eating a take away and it is time for bed. Why won't Ana reply to my texts...:( bloody training... and I’m a little hungover, a little tired, and a little I-can't-be-bothered-with-this-shit too. Here I am: so yeah training my ass off about pumps. Kill me now. Watching football, then rugby with the Americans, and probably some street fighter IV, and then dinner. Probably should stay in though. I was asked to go to the salsa and I said no and now I am drinking lemon tea and will play some street fighter IV. hrm. It's overcast and I'm not hungover so I think I shall go for a walk this morning. Training again tomorrow :( about to grab a tea and read a book. Fuck me I am so rock and roll it makes jagger looks bad

Finding Rock Band and Haircut
At the park, it's sunny and there's a nice breeze :) I am currently sipping a coffee and listening to the new Ricky Gervais podcast. hrm. oh dear fucking rock band, how did I ever live with out thee. Move over street fighter IV… I just bought a pillow that has speakers built into it, got a new haircut yesterday and have mild arthritis from rock band Watching the rugby, mon Scotland. Maybe grab a takeaway tonight, play some rock band... I'm wondering why people on nights out take my glasses from my face and then expect me to be able to them wearing them. I am knackered; this Jim lark is giving me serious fatigue... :) Am I gay for liking the new Starsailor album? Is nursing a sore back... sleeping on the floor FTL.

New York
Looking at prices to go to NYC in April, stroking my beard (that might need a trim) and looking forward to a week off. Plus it's sunny. I am a little tender from last night. I am thinking that I might have ran out of things to do now I have cleaned my oven the sun is out again and I have a book and new music to read and listen to. It’s a good Sunday. Danger: bed time. Just waiting to be picked up to go home. Went to ketchup and has a burger, the sauce was happy... XD in the park. It's lovely in Glasgow today. The queue in the sandwich shop is pretty long. Twitted implodes with banality. oh Jesus stop being such good weather and start raining already you cunt… soup and toasted cheese is a meal, right? What she asked me at the end of the Caligula would've blushed. I probably should've had my hair cut. This is madness! No... THIS! IS! Getting up at 4.30am to go New York. Oh man... Just about to board, boom. Next stop, a different country. ...or not. Hmmm. "weight problems" and "reroute you via London" which isn't cool, not at all REPORTS TO FOLLOW. On plane! Boom. New York’s humid but ace. Love you. the view from the hotel is ripped straight from GTA. Empire state, ground zero, wall st, Brooklyn, dinner and beers in little Italy and then prince st. Caught in a lightning strike whilst atop the Rockefeller center and central park, galleries and Harlem. Another damn good day. Sitting on Broadway and 5th avenue outside the flat iron building. Kiss my face. NBA = Good. The rest... Not so much. I'm drunk on New York... Fuck y'all. I'm coming home, so I am annoyed. Is it impossible to make a tap that doesn't burn my hands off with 500'C water? Back in the UK btw, not cool. Jetlag is shit.

Broken Car and the Summer movies
My car is broken. I’ve done the manly thing and popped the bonnet but I don't know what any of that underneath does. I am in bed downloading 30 Rock. And I get my car back tomorrow. I am still driving the bloody Fiat Panda... something about "Road Legal Tyres"... wankers. Going to see state of play... Which means star trek and wolverine later this weekend. :) bed day. 30 rock and toast. Time for sleep. Illness seemingly descending... :( So I'm drunk and Ewan Macgregor Is on the TV and think I love him I'm tired because I was drunk last night but some fun at the park and a chocolate feast ice cream was ace :) can I borrow your hat? Sure. Can I borrow your glasses? Sure. Can I borrow your life? ummm.... no. shit fuck shit arse bastard shit fuck shit bollocks shit crap shit fuck I didn't just have a breakdown : real-time swearing updates on twitter :D tonight we beg a question: ask me a question, go on son. Have I posted a twitter update (ill be fucked if im saying tweet) that's not being eternally banal? Just been IDed buying wine. To be confused, insulted or humoured finally managed to get Steve to watch eps 10-11-12 of the wire season 1 tonight is thinking about getting his hair cut like chuck bass At the park with a football and the weathers nice :) it's cloudy and cold. What a bank holiday. And yeah, I’m in work.