Saving the Planet, one polythene bag at a time.

Mark: Hello.
Cashier. Hi there. Do you need a hand packing your bags?
Mark: No no, it’s fine. I have some of these “for life” bags.
Cashier: Ah good.
Mark: Yeah.
[ Mark Starts Packing Bags]
Cashier: Have a good day today?
Mark: Um, yeah not too bad. Quite busy at work.
Cashier: Ah good.
Mark: What about you?
Cashier: Yeah, pretty busy. I get off at 10 tonight, so it’s pretty late.
Mark: Yeah, I can imagine.
[Mark realises he won’t have enough space in the life bags for his shopping]
Mark: Um…
Cashier: Yes?
Mark: I’m going to run out of space in the life bags. Can I get some polythene ones?
Cashier: No.
Mark: What?
Cashier: No. We’re not supposed to give them out.
Mark: But I can see them there…
Cashier: Yes… but you have “for life” bags, which means you really should be buying another one of them.
Mark: But… I already have loads. They’re back in my flat.
Cashier: They are only 20p each.
Mark: I know; I already have loads. Can I not just have one of the old ones?
Cashier: No.
Mark: Seriously?
Cashier: Yes. Do you want to save the planet?
Mark: [sighs] Yes I do – but these plastic bags are already made! [getting angry] I’m not asking for a fucking hectare of trees to be pulled down and burnt [getting more angry] as a massive effigy to [finally angry] the oil gods! It’s just a plastic bag!
Cashier: Fine. Just this once though.
Mark: Fine, whatever.
[Mark finishes filling his bags and pays]
Cashier: Goodbye! [to next customer] Hi there. Do you need a hand packing your bags?
Next Customer: No. Can we have a load of the plastic bags please?
Cashier: Yes sure. [hands them several plastic bags]
Mark: :(