So What, So Far: 2009.5

It’s now officially 50% through the year. 6 months have passed and there are only 6 months left. It’s been one absolutely mental year, and 2009 will go down in my life as the year to admit defeat to. Here’s what I’ve done so far this year.

New York
I went to New York fulfilling a dream I’ve had since seeing Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. It also marked the first time I would set foot on American soil since my youthful trip to Florida. I think I’ll be returning to the States at somepoint in the near future. Maybe even later this year. The place was amazing and convinced me to reevaluate my list of places I want to live. The list now reads:
1. Paris
2. New York
3. London
4. Milan
5. Abu Dhabi

Another holiday, this time a road trip that I had been planning on and off for a few years finally just happened after deciding to go away anyway.

I didn’t go, twice. First, I missed out on the chance to do the Exchange 09-10 but will definitely apply next year with the aim to get it. I want to work out there. If anything, Noah’s offered an invitation to come out to the States next year anyway, where upon I’ll probably shoot some guns hehe.

After some trying last year I finally honed my beard. I’ve let it grow a little out of control these past few days, normally cutting it back most days, but I’ve not touched it since last week as per an agreement with a colleague to see how it got. It’s became more ginger and bushier, but still scraggley. My mother’s disapproval will be more concentrated I fear.

Finally accepted it as where I lived, and slowly it’s creeping up on me and convincing me that I like the place. I’m comfortable here with the people I hang out with, I have some close friends up here now and things are looking good for the summer, with plans for beer, barbeques and trips to cities coming on the horizon. It’s going to suddenly dawn on me that I like the place… maybe even love it.

Coming Up:
Some gigs
My Birthday
October (Hallowe’en)