Fantasy Cast: The 87th Precinct

As with most blogs I do they start of either small, and then become grander, or I have massive plans for them and they never pay off. Recently, I toyed with the idea of starting a blog detailing every novel of the 87th Precinct, going so far as to make this.

Anyway, as part of this blog I started to think about my cast. How I would cast the series as I see it now. If they were to make it now… and this is what I have came up with.

Stephen “Steve” Louis Carella - Damian Lewis

Arthur “Artie” Brown - Roger Cross

Betram “Bert” Kling - myself (but really, Mark-Paul Gosselaar)

Cotton Hawes – Bradley Cooper

Hal Willis – Jeffery Nordling

Richard Genero – Matthew Settle

Eileen Burke – Gillian Anderson

Meyer Meyer – Stephen Tobolowsky

Tak Fujiwara – Hiroyuki Sanada

Andy Parker – Patrick Wilson

Oillie Weeks – Jeffery Tambor

Lt. Pete Byrnes – Xander Berkley

The Deaf Man – Robert Patrick

Teddy Carella – Alyssa Milano

Yeah. I’d be a brilliant Bert Kling.