The above is a map created by Beauchamping, and is entitled States United, and is quite an amazing piece of clever art, by in the right scale the states of the Americas have been modified into a big love heart, with the pointy part of Texas marking the prominent bottom extremity of the heart.

It’s a wonderful art work and makes me sad that the same couldn’t be done with Scotland, nor with Britain as our make up is slightly more orthodox, rather than that of the States. I look at the Americas with slightly envious eyes of the experiment and what it means to be part of the experiment. This thought is countered by the trade off that our history eclipses the North American history of the United States by hundreds of years and our heritage is rightly envied by most countries of our stature elsewhere.

It also reminds me that our world is remarkably small and young in real terms. We are so different, with such vast gulfs in appearance, culture and language, yet we all came from the same place, and indeed the same people who survived are us all.

This map however, is a stunning redraw of London’s destinations, from how long it takes to get there. Cleverly showing the disparity between Scotland’s connection to it’s capital elect, and the continental (and American) cities.

My favourite map (you don’t have a favourite map?) is this one however – it reminds me how our perspective is skewed by what we are brought up with.

Inspired by Strange Maps