When I look at the internal combustion engine in a car, I don’t know what most of it does. I understand the principles involved, and I can kind of understand the logic behind the way that machine makes my car move forward, and even could maybe identify various parts of the machine, but honestly I just take it for granted. It’s an evolved machine from a basic premise to a brilliant invention that self propellant and makes my car go forward and back when I tell it to and that’s as much as I need to know.

The reason that my knowledge only needs to extend to there is that the car is able to be maintained by a garage and men, who have livelihoods built on fixing things that I can’t understand when they go wrong. It’s part of the trust given when handing it over to them that they don’t make up problems to fix them, when I honestly couldn’t argue with them that they weren’t needed. This is what is supposed to happen to a well oiled machine – we take their word for it because it rarely needs to looked at, and when it does they fix it.

So when trying to get Sky installed, I expected it to be a piece of cake. I thought it would be partly easy, but with maybe a problem or two, but not come grinding to a halt because someone, somewhere, is useless. We called Sky to get it installed and signed up and that went by with only a minor hiccough, but finally a date was set and they were to come out and put the cable from our communal dish on the roof into our flat, connecting into the TV via wires. Now, I understand this part. It’s just a connection on the dish (which is already in position) and then taking this new cable into the flat.

Being a top floor flat this will require a ladder. I’ve seen people on the roof; indeed I’ve even heard people on the roof. So it can’t be that hard. I mean, I’ve climbed to the top of Aerator towers that were taller, hanging off the side of a 100ft oil platform, so these guys better have a good reason for not being able to get to the roof.

Their reason was “WE DON’T HAVE A BIG ENOUGH LADDER” to which my response would’ve been “That’s not my problem, buddy.”

So now we are having to look at getting someone else to come out and install the Sky box, even when

A – we have the viewing card already
B – there is already a dish on the roof
C – we are connecting to a company and we are having to connect to them
D – we are not qualified to do it

Argh, Sky.